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47 Best Mystery, Detective & Crime Games For iPhone & Android Phones adult crime games

Our final roundup of the best mystery, detective and crime game apps includes 47 games for iPhone and Android phones which cover a wide range of tastes. Finally, there are some traditional mystery games included such as Agatha Christie – The ABC Murders. Agent Alice is a fun game.

It's also the perfect adult mystery game to break out on your next dinner party or Harmony - Cold Case Murder Mystery Game | Can You Solve The Crime?.

Those impossible crimes that make the gears in your brain churn. The following games are the best examples of virtual sleuthing that you can.

While there are several strong games in the series, “Crimes & Punishments” stands out, due to its engaging mechanics and six engrossing.

Fast Company. " a massive, intricate murder mystery. Does this not literally sound like a dream come true for any true crime fan?" - Bustle. " not for the faint of.