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Diarrhea — loose, watery and possibly more-frequent bowel movements Dehydration is particularly dangerous in children, older adults and those If you' re traveling to a developing country for an extended time, ask your.

Acute diarrhea is diarrhea that lasts a short time. It is a common On average, adults In the United States have acute diarrhea once a year. Young children have .

Diarrhea is defined as three or more loose or watery stools per day. not have an appetite, you can drink only liquids for a short period of time.

When you have diarrhea, your bowel movements (or stools) are loose and watery . Many people get diarrhea once or twice each year. . from WebMD and I understand that I may opt out of WebMD subscriptions at any time.

It affects most people from time to time and is usually nothing to worry about. but a bowel infection (gastroenteritis) is a common cause in both adults and.