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Which 2018 Best Mobile network provider award adult filter off

If you're on Pay As You Go, you'll need to verify your age before you can turn the adult filter off. We've got info on how to do this in the Verifying your age section.

I know what you guys are thinking and it's not that! 3 are blocking random videos such as hydronic press vs 1000 degrees knife. I try to turn it off in the setting but.

This simple trick bypasses the adult content block for Three in iOS. or any other off-topic discussions, please move the discussion to the.

Excuse me @ThreeUK, your adult content filter is stopping me watching porn and You can turn your adult filter off within the My3 app settings.

iv had the filter off for a while. I can access 18+ websites sometimes but most of the time giffgaff block Mr.I'm getting extremely peer off.