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Free DNS Parental Control, DNS Filter and Web filter. Parents can protect their kids from adult content, schools can be CIPA compliant and businesses can.

Security Filter Malicious domains blocked (phishing, malware). Adult Filter Adult domains blocked; Search Engines set to safe.

Adult content filtering regulation may be proposed in the UK requiring ISPs to block access to adult content unless a subscriber specifically.

With Yandex search you can find any information available on the internet, including internet resources “for adults”. Yandex offers different filtering modes so that.

CleanBrowsing is a free public DNS resolver with Content Filtering, founded by Daniel B. Cid. It supports DNS over TLS over port 853 and DNS over HTTPS over port 443 in addition to the standard DNS over port 53. CleanBrowsing filters can be used by parents to protect their kids from adult.