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Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix Info Summary. Breed Type, Mixes and more. Purpose, Lap Dog / Companion. Suitable For, Adults (not children).

The Jack Chi is a mixed breed dog–a cross between the Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua dog breeds. Friendly, playful, and energetic, these pups inherited.

A detailed guide to the Jack Russell Chihuahua mix. Discover the pros and cons of bringing a cute Jack Chi into your life! I've got 4 adult Jack Chi's and a seven week old puppy..They are the most loyal,loving dogs.They can.

Jack Chi Information and Pictures. The Jack Chi is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the Chihuahua and the Jack Russell Terrier.

The Jack Chi is a cross between a purebred Chihuahua and Jack Russell Terrier. This designer breed is a fun-loving dog with a sweet personality.