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One distinct advantage to using cloth diapers is that the absorbency can be easily adjusted until you get the diaper that works for you. To avoid the problems associated with overly thick diapers, the KINS system is made of easily washable parts. All of our cloth diapers require a.

Babykins & KINS Products has been manufacturing reusable/washable cloth diapers, adult cloth diapers, cloth baby diapers and accessories for babies and.

KINS Vinyl Pull-On Adult Diaper Cover is made from durable 100% medium weight (6 mil) vinyl. They are very quiet, very soft, and long lasting for a vinyl.

KINS Yellow Original Plastic Pants High waist fit, waterproof diaper covers to go over top of bulky cloth diapers or disposables to prevent leaks. Available in size.

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