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Meet the Tumblr castaways trying to save its NSFW content adult rated blogs

This leaves many users worried about where they can post their X-rated content. Like Tumblr, it acts as a blogging platform that has just a pinch of social.

This list of best sex blogs and bloggers on the internet will surprize you. For over ten years, he has been writing honest ​sex toy reviews, . Caitline started this blog in 2012 and for many years, has been writing honest adult.

Here are my favorite sex blogs and sex toy review blogs: Molly's Daily Kiss Toy Molly Moore, I run 5 different blogs, including a photo blog and adult/sex blog.

Tumblr posters of porn and kink fear a ban on naughty content will eviscerate not only their blogs, but the communities they've built on the.

From 17 December, Tumblr will ban adult-themed photography, If you're curious if your favourite blogs have made the move over to Twitter.