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Most people don't like to think about death. But when you get down to it, you've likely heard a bunch of old wives' tales about what happens.

12 common old wives' tales that aren't actually true . The study noted that the small fraction of US adults who eat an apple a day do appear to.

These are just two examples of old wives' tales or superstitions that millions of people grew up hearing about and even if you don't actually.

19 old wives' tales we all know – but are they true or false? . eyestrain better than adults, which is why they often sit right in front of the TV.

The Old Wives' Tale is a novel by Arnold Bennett, first published in 1908. It deals with the lives The father is ill and bedridden, and the main adult in their life is Mrs Baines, their mother. By the end of the first book, Sophia (whose name reflects.