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Some people like to wear diapers. I muself love it. But many people who do this are considered freaks and nobody accepts them. These people at DLs (diaper.

So if I don't have a choice of getting a changed right away and I have to wear it, Most of the time people don't even notice that I'm the one in a poopy diaper.

I was bed wetter until my early teens so the choice to wear diapers at night was a lot of guilt at first because I was an adult and adults shouldn't be wearing diapers. However, when I realized I no longer had to worry about a mess spread all.

Heroes don't wear diapers: each Nasa astronaut leaves earth's orbit proudly ' Diapers are something that people don't want to look at,' said the centre's Kiyoko .

I thought you wanted to wear diapers? . ABDL and other BDSM play should always be done responsibly among fully consenting adults (18+).