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Women's bacteria thwarted attempt at anti-HIV vaginal gel - STAT anti-aids vaginal

Nearly 90 percent of participants in an open-label study of a vaginal ring infused with a drug to prevent HIV are using the monthly ring at least.

Creating new HIV prevention tools for women has proven frustratingly slow and researchers have found another hurdle: bacteria in the reproductive tract. A new study published Thursday examined what stalled an early attempt at an anti-HIV gel, and found certain types of vaginal.

According to UNAIDS, as there is still no effective vaccine against HIV, pre- exposure prophylasis (PrEP) is necessary to reduce its incidence.

BOSTON – Women who participated in an open-label extension trial of the dapivirine-eluting vaginal ring for prevention of human immunodeficiency virus ( HIV).

the composition of different vaginal spermicides and shown to present anti-HIV activity.