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The Spray-On Condom are spray on condoms real

A prototype spray-on condom (German: Sprühkondom) was invented by Jan Vinzenz Krause of the Institute for Condom Consultancy in 2006. The idea was.

Edison had his lightbulb, Ford had his Model T, and Jan Vinzenz Krause has his spray-on condom. Inspired by the mechanics of a.

But whilst some of the products in the Girlplay range are just for fun, Chu sees real potential in her 'condom in a can'. "These spray-on condoms.

It didn't take Mr Krause long to come up with his first prototype for the ' Sprühkondom' ('spray on condom') consisting of a car-wash-like tube.

Could Spray-On Condoms Catch on for Safe Sex? and we really have no idea how it would hold up against real-life factors like blocking both sperm and STIs.