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Death Chamber, a babylon 5 fanfic | FanFiction babylon 5 adult fanfiction

Located: 1 through F > Babylon 5. John did things the Minbari way when Delenn asked. Now, he's hoping she'll let him show her the human way. Content Tags.

Summary: John shows Delenn what “Human” seduction is like. Disclaimer: I own nothing of Babylon 5. Rating: M. Pairing: Delenn and Sheridan. SEDUCTION.

NC-17: Delenn sends Marcus on a mission; Marcus is to seduce Neroon to The plan backfires and Marcus returns to Babylon 5 carrying even more guilt.

Babylon 5 was, I believe, the third fandom I fell for. I'd just Series: Part 1 of the Navigation Series, Rating: NC-17 . The JumpNow FanFiction Archive.

Please heed the available warnings and ratings (i.e. NC-17 or R means adult fic). Thank you. Babylon 5 fanfiction by other authors -Wandering Star (technically.