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X Reflector Directory dextra amateur radio

Amateur Radio DNS Server. This is a DNS service for Amateur Radio Applications starting with D-STAR DExtra lookups use net.

dextra. Up About Me Amateur Radio APRS - Ontario IRLP VA3PMO IRLP Changes FREE STAR* 2012_Contest Please contact us at dextra va3uv. com.

Amateur radio notes about D-STAR, digital voice, and personal low-power hotspots. XRF – The Dextra X-Reflector system, originally created by Scott Lawson.

New radios with more memory & better organized for D- Can connect to Icom- based network or dextra-based . Available to ham-radio operators worldwide.

RC-UTIEL, local, Radio Club Utiel. RE-DMR REF037C, DSTAR, Orlando Amateur Radio Club XRF021B, DSTAR, DExtra TG262810/BM multi Germany.