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Echinoderm is the common name given to any member of the phylum Echinodermata of marine animals. The adults are recognizable by their (usually five-point) radial symmetry, and.

Adult echinoderms described-Adult echinoderms radially symmetrical, larvae adopted radial symmetry-This view criticised on theoretical grounds and for.

Lower Cambrian Bilateral Symmetry Radial Symmetry Larval Form Aboral Side Adult echinoderms described—Adult echinoderms radially symmetrical, larvae.

How the radial body plan of echinoderms is related to the bilateral body plan of their deuterostome relatives, the hemichordates and the.

While larval echinoderms are all bilaterally symmetrical, many approach radial symmetry as adults. Many have (primarily) radial symmetry that is 'slightly'.