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Selecting an adult dog food that will keep your pet healthy and energetic starts with knowing your dog's eating habits and lifestyle. Does your.

With your tiny puppy now all grown up, it’s time to say “goodbye” to puppy formula and “hello” to adult dog food. To keep them happy and healthy, and to maintain their optimal body condition, your dog's regular adult diet needs to include an incredible 37 specific nutrients!.

You can give your dog dry or canned food, cook for him, buy a frozen raw diet, or all of the above. Tip: Garnish dry food with a small spoonful of canned food, a little meat, or cottage cheese to add pizzazz. Probably the best way to use canned food is as a flavor enhancer for dry.

As your cat reaches maturity at about 12 months, it's time to settle into a regular feeding routine. The diet of an adult cat. For a healthy pet, your cat's diet needs to .

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