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Nude Tom Cruise Artist: "I Spent Like a Month Sculpting That Penis" the Internet that it's really a criticism of Cruise (and Scientology at large).

This is one of those gifts where we really hope they cleared it with Tom Cruise before presenting it to him. You don't just show up to a party with.

I don't think it's super big, but maybe its a normal size? after seeing Shia Labeouf hard penis in that one movie, i was a bit let down[face_nerd].

Tom Cruise's new Scientology shroud is packin' heat! The shroud features Cruise with gigantic testicles and an equally impressive penis with very intricate.

He has a Whalentine Penis. Why does Quora allow such bullshit. Man go and ask Tom Cruise or still better TOM CRUZE! He isn't there on.