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Under Maryland law any health practitioner, police officer, or human service worker who The following definitions are very important: Self-Neglect - the inability of a vulnerable adult to provide for his/her physical or mental.

ADULTS. Learn How We Can Detect and. Prevent the Abuse and Neglect of marylandstatesattorneys.html) Neglect of a vulnerable adult is defined as the.

All suspected cases of Adult Abuse and Neglect should be reported to your local to protect the health, safety, and welfare of endangered, vulnerable adults.

(3) If the person for whom relief is sought is a vulnerable adult, "abuse" may also include abuse of a vulnerable adult, as defined in Title 14, Subtitle 1 of this.

2010 Maryland Code CRIMINAL LAW (a) Definitions.-. (1) In this section and (ii) "Abuse" includes the sexual abuse of a vulnerable adult. (iii) "Abuse" does.