Riffmaster Pro slow down music app for iPad and iPhone - slow down guitar licks


Slow Down Fast Riffs & Learn Them Accurately slow down guitar licks

Slow down those difficult guitar riffs and solos with Song Surgeon. Set up loops, make customized lessons. You'll be impressed by how much easier it is to learn.

The only problem was the slow down function also lowered the pitch when . The The 50 Cool Blues Licks Improvisation course will help you.

Working out riffs and solos by ear is an essential part of learning your craft as a musician. A couple of years later my younger brother (who also played guitar) got Being able to slow the music down makes transcribing fast.

Learn how to slow down music so you can learn those fast guitar licks you've always wanted to at your own speed!.

Checkout this collection of guitar riffs and guitar licks, all free video guitar lessons ! Learning new guitar riffs is like adding another tool into your toolbox; they're always handy to have and Song Surgeon Review – Slow Down Music Easily!.