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Whale. Overview Conservation & Management Science Resources Commercial whaling from 1800 to the 1980's greatly decreased sperm whale population.

Sperm whaling is the hunting of these marine mammals for the oil, meat and bone that can be .. "The status of natural resources on the high seas" (PDF).

Oil from sperm whale blubber otherwise known as body oil is of a light straw color . The principle sources for whale oil in the days of Yankee whaling were right.

Whales were hunted in the 1800s because a wide array of products, In short, whales were a valuable natural resource the same as wood A peculiar oil found in the head of the sperm whale, spermaceti, was highly prized.

It was the intense demand for this sperm whale oil, what's called In turn, the sperm whales were hunted mercilessly in the mid 1700s and early 1800s. One, it reminds us that, when it comes to non-renewable resources or.