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Why Does My Kitten “Nurse” On Objects And How Can I Stop it? stop adult cat from suckling

Have you noticed your adult cat suckling on blankets or fuzzy toys around the house While it may be a difficult cat behavior to stop or deter, it is rarely harmful .

Obviously, trying to physically stop your cat from suckling (in the moment) or yelling at your cat when he's suckling are not good solutions.

There was an online survey that was conducted on cats who suckle as adults. Based on responses, the conclusions were that cats who suckle.

But most importantly: why do they do it and how do you stop it? Lots of kittens will end up suckling their siblings, and other older cats, especially other mothers.

Cats who compulsively suckle have trouble stopping, even when you provide distractions with toys or treats. If your adult kitty has recently.