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The Effects of Adderall on Your Body why would adults take adderall

My husband would walk in at 4 p.m., a full day of teaching under his belt, and I'd After taking Adderall, I didn't hit my bed at 4 p.m. The drugs did far more than.

The new documentary Take Your Pills spoke with over 100 college students There are some adults who were using it since high school and.

Adults ages 65 and older should usually not take Adderall because it is not as safe as other medications for this age group, the NIH says.

Adults can have problems with paying attention, controlling For most adults, long-acting stimulants -- such as Adderall XR, Most adults with ADHD will need to keep taking medications, but some will be able to stop.

WebMD explains how to weigh the risks and benefits of taking medicine for But if you do, you could be at risk for misusing your ADHD drugs.