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Trying Youth as Adults | Fair Sentencing for Youth Fair Sentencing for Youth youth sentenced as adults

Despite the establishment of a separate juvenile justice system over a century ago, youth are routinely charged and prosecuted in the adult criminal justice.

No one knew. When 25-year-old guard Keriana Alexcee found the body of Jaquin Thomas hanging in a New Orleans jail cell, she didn't know.

If the offence is murder, attempted murder, manslaughter or sexual aggravated assault (presumptive offences) then it is presumed that an adult sentence will be given unless the youth can persuade the court that a youth sentence will hold the youth accountable.

In California, youth as young as 14 can be tried as adults at the discretion of a juvenile court judge. When young people are transferred out of the juvenile system.

Only since 1995 has California tried 14- and 15-year-olds as adults. Before 1995, California treated youth under 16 in the juvenile system where they are.