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Amateur radio - Wikipedia amateur radio license and $12

The regulatory environment, The amateur radio license, who issues them, payment 12. An Amateur Radio Station. HF Station Arrangement, Understanding the.

BTRC provides licenses and call-signs for amateur radio operators in the VHF and UHF The License certification procedure for the Amateur Radio Service is .

In the United States, amateur radio licensing is governed by the Federal Communications .. Amateur Radio licensing over the last ten years". The W5YI Group, Inc. 2007-03-19. Retrieved 2007-04-20. ^ "FCC Report and order, 99-412 page 12" (PDF).

Amateur radio, also known as ham radio, is the use of radio frequency spectrum for purposes of . An amateur radio license is valid only in the country in which it is issued or in another country that has a reciprocal licensing .. "Canadian Amateur Radio Bulletin, Amateur Radio "Saved Lives" in South Asia (2004-12-29 )". licenses-at-all-time-high.html The license gives access to all Amateur Radio frequencies above 30 megahertz, allowing these The exam cost is $12 per session.