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Comics: The People's Art. Interview with Beetle Bailey creator, Mort Walker beetle and bottle comic strip

beetle bailey | Beetle Bailey 21 - Rifle - Grenade - Helmet - Slingshot.

Beetle Bailey, who appears in comic pages around the world but is "The military is the way Mort Walker dressed this comic strip up, but really.

'Beetle' and 'Garfield' were drawn to one another Indiana to New York to sign the contract for a new comic strip that would change his life.

Actually there was a comedy team when I was a kid called "Beetle and Bottle. MW: That is what's fun about doing a comic strip: Dr. Joel Goodman / 1991 127.

Mort Walker interview Beetle Bailey comics cartoons. GW: When did you begin the Beetle Bailey comic strip? .. Hanna Barbera, for example, sold a lot of their cels to a manufacturer who was going to melt them down to make Clorox bottles.