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Local cheer coach accused of soliciting nude photos from 13-year-old cheerleader coach and cheerleader nude

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Cheerleaders at an Albuquerque high school took photos and video of a nude teammate, then posted those images.

Ron Jones with CBS 13 in Sacramento has the story about a local woman who was fired from her job as a cheerleading coach after she turned.

Sis boom bah” will never have the same meaning again at a California high school after the family of an ousted cheerleader ratted out a coach.

A coach told a cheerleader to 'get over it' when teammates from her Albuquerque high school took pictures and videos of her showering naked.

Judge Tosses Cheerleader's Conspiracy Claims Over Nude Photos B.P. claims her teammates used the J.V. coach's cellphone to take.