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Manufacturer of Paper Carton - Crash Lock Bottom Carton, Carton Box, Mono Carton and Tamper Proof Carton Box offered by Label Kingdom Printers Private.

Providing one of the quickest and most efficient forms of packaging assembly, crash lock boxes manufactured by GWP Packaging can result in cost and time savings for a huge range of packing operations. Crash-lock boxes can be quickly and easily be assembled into the finished box.

Crash Bottom (Self Locking) folding cartons (boxes) are for quick assembly packaging needs. Squeeze the box, fill it with goods and close with a tuck end.

Folding carton with crash lock base is a special form of folding box with push-in flap, which automatically closes the bottom of the carton when erected. For this to .

The “Full Flap” Auto-Bottom carton style is a great alternative to the standard Auto Bottom style when the contents are heavier as the extra panel on the bottom.