Why you should stop confessing pornography - Padre Peregrino - does masturbation need to be confessed


I dont know how to confess about mastrubation? - Moral Theology - Catholic Answers Forums does masturbation need to be confessed

Hey, Keith Olbermann is a journalist. A serious and objective journalist. His show is not opinion. All Olbermann dishes our is fact.

“I have sinned against chastity by the sin of masturbation x times.” I'd be If a priest tries to tell you that masturbation is healthy or normal or not.

I learnt that only mortal sins should be confessed, am I wrong? Edit: I did not take holy communion last week thanks to your advice. I have gone for confession.

People do not realize the danger in confessing pornography without a . obviously does not want us to do either fornication or masturbation.

"Some mistakes, especially those regarding immorality, require confession to the bishop before you can receive the Lord's forgiveness.".