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Supreme Court indecency ruling in FCC vs. Fox TV – does it really matter? - fcc and nude ruling

The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled against the FCC's policy regulating curse words and nudity on broadcast television. In an 8-0 decision, the high court threw out fines and sanctions imposed by the Federal Communications Commission. The case involved some uncensored curse words.

The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled against a government crackdown on broadcast profanity and nudity, saying the Federal Communications Commission had not given fair notice of its policy change in three high-profile incidents. The unanimous high court ruling, written by Justice.

Some time soon, the Supreme Court will hand down its decision in a case that pits the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) against Fox TV. Really, it’s the FCC against the use of nudity and profanity on broadcast television. Only one ruling matters in this case, and that’s the.

A divided court ruled for the FCC on narrow grounds in 2009, finding the agency's stepped-up efforts to combat indecency were a legally.

The networks had argued that the FCC's rule was arbitrary and words and nudity were allowed by the FCC while others were ruled offensive.