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I had allowed my armpit hair to grow out naturally – that is hair growing While I personally had always found hairy armpits a bit 'out there' and.

Although waxing was found to be more effective than shaving in reducing armpit odor compared with soap washing alone, it resulted in.

Woman A: I prefer trimmed or hairy pits. Some of my preferred smells are like Irish moss or grassy. I cannot understand absence of smell, which.

Amy French You might not stink enough for people to notice, but enough to you know some people are genetically gifted to not even have armpit odour! There are a lot of people that believe hairy armpits make odour.

Scientists say they have found a new target for tackling body odour. The key, they say, is understanding how skin bacteria create the smell from virtually odourless armpit sweat. which helps us keep cool and does not smell; Apocrine glands, in the hairy French trial on fatal weight-loss drug begins.