Bungling bloke gets giant chopstick stuck up penis after botched 'inspection' - Daily Star - guy sticking chopstick down his penis


Man Makes A Huge Mistake By Sticking Chopstick Up His Penis guy sticking chopstick down his penis

A man in China suffering from groin pain refused to see a doctor, so he fashioned a probe out of a chopstick and instantly regretted it.

A man who claims his friend inserted an entire chopstick up his penis while they were 'blind drunk' has had the object removed in hospital.

Chinese man gets a chopstick stuck in his penis while investigating what caused blood in his urine because he was too afraid to see a doctor.

A man stuck a metal chopstick up his penis after seeing blood in his urine. (Asia Wire). A man who was too shy to approach a doctor about.

This Scan Of A Man With Chopstick Stuck Up His Dick Is Ridiculous I am pulling down my pants, I am grabbing a good hold of my dick and I.