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The twentieth birthday of the Handprints Spanking Art & Stories Page. July 13, 2019. Six new Ryatts images in Comics Gallery #6. Five new Little Dot images in .

Girl-spanking art by Taira Kibato, Sassy Bottoms, George Jackson Churchward, Ron Wilson, Toma, Riku, Jay Em, and other artists.

Handprints is probably the world's biggest free web gallery of girl spanking art, founded in 1999. Its webmaster is HandPrince (sometimes spelled "Handprince", .

A home over everything Anime related to Spanking. The Handprints Spanking Art & Stories Page: This is our sister site. Dedicated to female spanking.

Spanking, caning schoolgirl art from G.J.C George J Churchward pictures by spanking artist G.J.C go to The Hand Prints Spanking Art Site.