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The mysterious baseball device that seems to be a hit hitters thumb

There are a number of places to purchase the Pro Hitter thumb guard. If you are a prime member, then the cheapest place is on Amazon. Otherwise, check eBay.

As you watch some of your favorite hitters, check out their thumb on the hand closest to the end of the bat. Some of them are sporting a little tab of plastic that sits.

One of my players was complaining about the bat stinging her hand, the base of her thumb in particular, all the time. I used her bat and could never duplicate the.

All a thumb guard amounts to is a small piece of plastic with a hole for the thumb. It sits between the bat and the space between the thumb and.

Adult: 7/8" thumb hole diameter; Midsize: 6/8" thumb hole diameter; Youth: 4/8" . The pro hitter batting grip aid really makes a difference in how I swing the bat.