Southeastern Pond Management - hybrid striped bass stock


MDC stocks hybrid striped bass in new waters | Missouri Department of Conservation hybrid striped bass stock

Hybrid striped bass are a great fish that is easy to manage and provides. basic needs can stock and have minimal to no effect on the largemouth bass growth.

The hybrid striped bass is a cross between the white bass and the striped bass. A fast growing, hard fighting fish that can be a nice addition to your pond.

After being seined (harvested) from a direct stock production pond, hybrid striped bass are concentrated into a sock for eventual transfer to a.

Unlike the F1 largemouth bass, which is a cross between two strains of the same species, the hybrid striped bass is a true hybrid; a cross between two distinctly.

After the wild striped bass stocks nearly collapsed, the aquaculture industry responded by engineering this hybrid. The new species was.