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THEN we go to Casa del Mar.” “Ooh, scratch cute, you're drop dead sexy.” Scotty can't believe how much he loves Kevin for this 'surprise'.

I am really not sure about the answer to that question since Greg Berlanti had once said Luke MacFarlane's Scotty was going to be to Kevin on.

May 7, 2019- 11. Kevin and Scotty's Wedding (Brothers and Sisters) Brothers & Sisters Stars Look Back on Shooting Network TV's First Same-Sex Wedding.

Matthew Rhys as Kevin & Luke MacFarlane as Scotty (Brothers & Sisters) Luke McFarlane Hot Actors, Actors & Actresses, Wentworth Miller, Handsome Man.

Scotty takes a deep breath and looks up, staring at Kevin with a pouty look. “ Not that tattoos aren't sexy, but sweetie, let's not,” Kevin says.