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What Is Sanding Sealer & When Is it Used? latex sand and seal

For that reason, if you use sanding sealer, stick to one or two coats at the most, and plan to sand most of it back off. For the same reason, and.

If you routinely apply sanding sealer before finishing, you may be taking an extra, unnecessary step. For example, when refinishing furniture with lacquer or polyurethane, silicone on the surface can cause the new finish to pull away from the contaminated spots—a condition.

You can substitute your first coat or two of topcoat with a sanding sealer. This saves time than topcoat). It is a softer finish, making the first coat easier to sand.

Sand the surface lightly to help the polyurethane adhere better, then vacuum it Optionally, you can apply a coat of sealer before you apply the.

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