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Gel Paint Remover | Non Toxic Paint Remover | Eco Safety Products non toxic fast working paint stripper

Buy our non toxic paint remover for a low odor, non hazardous & eco friendly solution. EcoFast™ GEL, non toxic paint remover has a neutral pH to work safely on a broader EcoFast™ GEL works faster by penetrating through the coating to.

A bio-based non toxic paint stripper and heavy duty paint remover, mastic remover and Eco-Fast™ is available in a liquid (HD) or (GEL) version. Unlike other competitive products, EcoFast™ has a neutral pH to work safely on a broader.

Alternatives to traditional, harsh paint strippers are making furniture refinishing Once upon a time, the only way to remove paint from an old piece of furniture was to use a fast-working chemical stripper containing methylene Not anymore.

Paint stripper for wood & Varnish remover. Completely water-based and solvent free, this paint stripper is much safer to use than conventional, hazardous.

This new breed of paint strippers gets the job done, but it may take a They're fast-working and effective, but they're also hazardous. And because it's not water-based, it can be used on wood that's going to be refinished.