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It has long been a subject of debate and speculation whether women can have two different types of orgasm - one as a result of external clitoral stimulation and the other as a result of vaginal penetration. Now two scientist think they have found the answer - by carrying out.

Clitoral stimulation, orgasms during sleep, exercise-induced orgasm, vaginally- stimulated orgasm, and more. people feel that orgasm is a requirement for happy, meaningful and/or fulfilling sex (2). . Orgasms outside of sex.

Let's take a look at 12 types of orgasms — and how you can achieve them.

How to have multiple orgasms -- or at least have fun trying. if you've already been ramped up by outside sexual stimuli — music, candles, immediately afterward, return to the other areas you found pleasurable in Step 2.

According to mainstream women's magazines, there are about as many types of female orgasms as there are brands of flattering workout pants.