How I Planned a Sex Party for My Friend's Birthday - party planning and sex


Planning a Sex Party - Group Sex party planning and sex

Larisa Fuchs (professionally known as Miss Scorpio), 37, runs a party-planning business in New York City called Gemini & Scorpio for.

Whether you're inviting a few friends over some afternoon delight or are planning an event for a few dozen sinners, it's important to establish a.

“I have always preferred 'sex party' because it seems descriptive and . “Maybe you plan to just play with [a partner] while watching others.

I'm so glad we tried this, even if it isn't something we're planning on doing again. Firstly, this party was pretty tame as sex parties go (I've been.

I was recently invited to a sex party (not a BDSM one, just a singles and . Plan to give yourself a few breaks to be alone and process your.