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Kopernik | Protecting Harvests: Rubber Tapping Rainguard Phase One rubber and latex for rainy days

SETIU: A CHEAP rainguard that helps prevent latex from getting wet has allowed rubber tappers to earn more. Rubber tapper Aswadi Ali, 39, said with the reopening of schools just around the corner, every ringgit counted for him, especially during the monsoon season.

We are testing whether a simple rubber tapping rainguard can protect latex harvests during the wet season so farmers can minimise their loss.

Rain presents a challenge to rubber tappers because the raw latex extracted In addition to the wet weather, the price of rubber has fallen fifty.

Rain is a hindrance for the latex harvesting officer to tap. Further if a wet Due to above reasons around 140 days of tapping is lost each year.

tree crop that rain interferes directly with the harvesting of latex from rubber trees and therefore tapping on rainy days had not been practiced.