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Here’s the pictorial evidence that Harvard-Yale 2011 was Here’s the pictorial evidence that Harvard-Yale 2011 was by far my least traumatic experience yet at The Game. Many of the folks I love; none of the angst or poor decisions I typically associate with Alcoholic Fun Times.

Notable works, Sex and the Ivy. Website. Lena Chen is a feminist artist, writer, and activist based in Berlin and Los Angeles. Born in San.

The Sex and the Ivy blogger's nude photos were leaked long before the phrase "revenge porn" was coined. After moving to Berlin under a pseudonym to escape harassment, Chen is ready to live as herself again. When then-Harvard student Lena Chen began writing about sex and gender on.

When I started a sex blog at 19, it electrified the Ivy League -- and taught me how to fear other people's judgment.

About My “blog-o-graphy” starts at Harvard, where I started the infamous Sex and the Ivy blog in 2006 and irrevocably wrecked my Google results. Criticized by.