Crush | Definition of Crush by Lexico - she crushed his fist


crush | meaning of crush in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English | LDOCE she crushed his fist

'He crushed the carefully constructed puppet in his fist.' 'I went out to the garden to check the low faucet, hoping to find a trickle of water and instead, I found.

Coconuts have to be crushed in order to extract their oil.• Was Armand crushed in the process?• He closed his fist over the flower, crushing it into a pulp.

I Am the Type of Man Who Gets Into Fist Fights—and Likes It. The capacity for I was sober and the other guy wasn't; I was the victim and he was the aggressor. The police gave me . Crushing his windpipe. The crowd shifts.

He raised a fist and held it in front of my face. 'No, her He looked at me, shocked, and tried to pull his fist back. I crushed his fists, steadily squeezing harder.

He screamed in both anger and pain as he swung his fist, catching her on the jaw She crushed his wrist, grinding his bones together, making him cry out in a.