I Had My Tonsils Removed As An Adult And Here’s What That’s Like - tonsils and adult


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Tonsillitis most often affects kids and teens, but adults can develop it, too. Tonsillitis is inflammation of the tonsils. The tonsils are two small soft.

Adults have their tonsils taken out, too. WebMD explains why you might need a tonsillectomy and how the recovery differs between kids and.

TUESDAY, April 2 (HealthDay News) -- Adults with recurrent sore throats might benefit from getting their tonsils removed, according to a new.

I Had My Tonsils Removed As An Adult And Here's What That's Like. Spoiler: There's no ice cream. Posted on August 22, 2018, at 10:49 a.m.. Bobby Caruso.

The problem is more common in children because the immune system function of tonsils is most active before puberty. Also, unlike an adult's.