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Find out about how to connect to WIFI while you're in the air, how much it will cost , and which devices you can safely use, as well as our in-seat power options.

On British Airways flights, for example, the carrier says VoIP (voice over internet protocol) are “unavailable”. Virgin Atlantic, however, does not.

But when it comes to Virgin Atlantic's inflight WiFi, the experience needs some On a recent overnight Virgin Atlantic flight from Los Angeles to.

Virgin Atlantic 787 inflight connectivity log-in screen. Virgin Atlantic says its onboard WiFi service lets you use the internet in much the same entire 40Mb allowance on the first flight, but still had 15Mb free on the return leg.

Noticed at the end of last year virgin announced WiFi is now on all of their planes. Messaging Pass £2.99 - messaging access throughout flight. Wi-Fi light.