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Everyone knew President Obama would say something about gay rights when he visited Kenya last summer. Many American activists were pressing him to publicly condemn Kenya’s colonial-era law making homosexuality a crime. In the weeks leading up to Obama’s visit, Kenyan politicians.

Only two of the District's hundreds of historic sites are connected to the city's gay and lesbian history. Here are few places that we think should.

Standing before 200 or so activists from the city's gay and lesbian community, Catania, the Catania told the crowd at Wednesday night's marriage equality convocation to prepare for push back, Listen to the complete story at

By Sabri Ben-Achour WAMU 88.5 News When Deacon Maccubbin moved to D.C. back in 1969, at age 26, the world was a What I was interested in was not porn, but books that would tell the story of our lives, the lives of gays and lesbians .

the corporate meltdown on gay and lesbian marketing and communications efforts Banks like Washington Mutual were leading advertisers in gay publications, will continue with WaMu's aggressive advertising and outreach efforts. Five Retail Trends Making the Grade for Back-to-School Shopping.