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Not "he" I am not a DUDE! I will say "she" in reference to you if you keep calling me a man! You worthless pile of human compost!.

Maybe you just suck with him. That's not the case. Link is slow in SSB and SSBM, limiting his potential to projectile pressure and then going for.

link and young link suck. samus doesn't suck that much. level 2. Mariordc. -5 points Melee Link does have a lot of great things going for him. Good projectiles.

If there are any characters like that in melee, I don't think Link is one of them. .. Actually I think he doesn't, I just think it's that I suck since I can't.

Young Link is like North Korea, he throws around a lot of bombs which, in the end , don't really end up doing anything. Wait, is that why Armada.