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Mom still matters—In study, young adults tended to prioritize parents over friends young adults and moms

"Our study suggests mom still matters," said Jennifer Silvers, a UCLA assistant professor of psychology and senior author of the study, which is published online today in the journal Psychological Science. "Parents continue to have an enduring impact on their children as they.

Read the do's and don'ts of mothering an adult child. Parenting a Young Adult. Read the Mothers do not know what to do when their children come of age.

Despite a strong economic recovery, the share of young adults living with their moms continues to rise, demonstrating the scars left by the.

Being a mother to a teenager or young adult is often a period of disruption and disorientation, when our role and experience of ourselves is challenged.

Sometimes, things will all fall into place for your young adult. how often to back off, and how to be this new kind of mom – the mom of a grown up human being.