3L File Strips 8804 A4 50 Strips | OfficeMax NZ - adhesive suspension filing strips


DURABLE Filefix (A5) Self-Adhesive Filing Strips (Transparent 8062 adhesive suspension filing strips

Self-adhesive filing strips with universal punching for filing unpunched and adheres to smooth surfaces in files, suspension files, folders and ring binders.

Amazon.com: Pelltech Suspension Tape Strip Self-adhesive Polyester Tough filing strips for vertical storage cabinets. 4 holes. Size: 55x594mm. 100 strips.

Suspension Strips to Suit Vertical Plan Filing Cabinets in Planex or Vertiplan Rodia 311 & 811 Suspension Strips have one line of pressure sensitive adhesive .

These Suspension Tape Strips are ideal to allow you to file your drawings or documents in vertical storage cabinets. Suitable for A1 documents, the four hole.

Suspension Wallets and Filing Strips. Filing strips attach directly to the item you wish to hang in the suspension file by a strip of adhesive. Suspension Wallets.