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The girl Flo Rida sings about in Low was wearing apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur, baggy sweatpants, AND reeboks with the straps all at.

[Chorus (T-Pain):] Shawty had them apple bottom jeans (jeans) Boots with the fur (with the fur) The whole And the Reebok's with the straps (with the straps).

Shawty had them Apple Bottom Jeans (jeans) Boots with the fur Them baggy sweat pants and the Reebok's with the straps (the straps) She turned around and .

In Flo-Rida's song "Low" he states that Shawty is wearing the apple bottom jeans, the boots with the fur AND the Reeboks with the straps, what.

"Low" is the debut single by American rapper Flo Rida, featured on his debut studio album Mail The song makes references to a "Shawty" in a club who is wearing Apple Bottom jeans and boots with fur. "Shawty" also wears baggy sweat pants and Reeboks with the straps. The lyrics repeatedly suggest that "Shawty" is .