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Asian Fairy-bluebird asian bluebird

The Asian fairy-bluebird (Irena puella) is a medium-sized, arboreal passerine bird. This fairy-bluebird is found in forests across tropical southern Asia, Indochina.

The two fairy-bluebirds are small passerine bird species found in forests and plantations in tropical southern Asia and the Philippines. They are the sole.

The Asian Fairy-bluebird is an arboreal species, always active amongst the vegetation. The plumage may appear fairly dull in the shade, but when the sun lights.

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Asian Fairy-bluebird 21·2-25·8 cm; male 56·6-75·7 g, female 52-71·2 g ( malayensis), 56 g (crinigera). Strongly dichromatic. Adult male nominate.