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The ICBC (Asia) Cheque Deposit Machine has been launched into service in gift cheque(s) deposit without a card to personal/company ICBC (Asia)'s HKD.

The cheque deposit process can be completed with a few simple steps by entering personal/company ICBC (Asia)'s HKD bank account or credit card number.

Deposit your cash and cheques at any of our 12 DBS Branches in India. We will update your Best Global Cash Management Bank in Asia Pacific. 2012.

Jun 29, 2018 That's where lockboxes in Europe, the US and Asia can provide a comprehensive solution to optimise the entire cheque collection process.

E-payments surge as Chinese cheque out of banks. But the 5 trillion yuan is a drop in the total universe of non-cash payment business in China, which .. Licences for these banks, which provide access to public deposits and interbank .